Child Safe Standards

Reporting at the University of Melbourne

The Safer Community Program is here to help you. If you hold concerns about a child’s safety (anyone under the age of 18 years), we are here to provide support and information to assist you. Staff, students, visitors, volunteers and parents associated with the University of Melbourne community, must report a child safety concern by contacting:

Safer Community Program
Phone: +61 3 9035 8675

If you need immediate help, call Campus Security on 03 8344 6666 or Victoria Police on 000.

Or get help now with our list of important telephone numbers and services.

What is Child Safety?

The Child Safe Standards aim to improve the way organisations such as the University of Melbourne prevent and respond to child abuse. A child is defined as anyone under the age of 18 years. Our belief is that protecting children from harm and abuse should be embedded in the everyday practice of the University community.

As an organisation that provides services for children, we aim to:

All members of the University community are responsible for promoting the safety and wellbeing of children by:

All members of the University community have a positive duty to avoid actions or behaviour that could be harmful or abusive to children, including (but not limited to):

Our Commitment

The University affirms that all forms of child abuse and harm to children are unacceptable and is committed to the implementation of the Victorian Child Safe Standards in order to ensure a safe environment for all members of the University community under 18 years of age.

The University fully supports the objectives of the Child Safe Standards to educate, raise awareness, and help organisations to create and maintain a child safe environment. The child safe standards seek to strengthen the capacity of organisations to prevent and respond to the risks of child abuse, drive cultural change in organisations, and protect children from the risks of abuse and other harm.

To support this, the University has:

  1. Nominated a Child Safe Champion – Provost, Chancellery
  2. Nominated a Child Safe Responsible Officer – Director, Wellbeing, University Services
  3. Developed a Child Safety reporting process via the University’s Safer Community Program for any child safety concern, including disclosure from a child of abuse or harm or a reasonable belief that abuse or harm has occurred or may occur.

Child Safety Policy

Child Safety Policy (MPF1337)

The University’s Child Safety Policy (MPF1337) outlines appropriate standards of behaviour towards children. The University seeks to achieve an inclusive and welcoming environment that supports the safety, participation, empowerment and wellbeing of all children.

This policy also recognises and promotes the particular requirements related to cultural safety of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, children from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, and the provision of a safe environment for children with a disability.

The University is committed to promoting best practice in relation to child safety by:

University Community Responsibilities

All members of the University community share responsibility for the protection of children and the prevention of child abuse The Child Safety Policy (MPF1337) and reporting process seeks to ensure that all members of the University Community, including children and their parents or guardians, feel confident to alert the University to any child safety concern or allegation of child abuse or harm.

Staff, students, parents, volunteers and visitors associated with the University of Melbourne community, should:

The Safer Community Program will provide relevant support and information and will coordinate a plan to manage related risk.

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