Speak Safely at the University of Melbourne

The Speak Safely portal helps you speak safely about sexual assault and harassment, access support, or seek action by the University. If you make a report, you will be contacted to discuss next steps. Speak Safely is an important tool to help the University provide a safer community for all.

  • Speak Safely gives you the choice to remain anonymous.
  • Speak Safely offers an encrypted chat function that allows you to chat to someone with relevant expertise anonymously if you choose to.
  • Speak Safely is a confidential portal, created by Elker, an I.T. services business specialising in digital tools to identify and manage conflict, risk and suggestions. Elker protects and encrypts your information.

For more information, please refer to the FAQs below and the Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response Policy (MPF1359).

For immediate support, please refer to available resources via the Safer Community Program.

Go to the Speak Safely portal

Reports about students will be responded to by the Academic Registrar in accordance with the Student Conduct Policy. Reports about staff members will be responded to by Workplace Relations. If you are unsure if you want a more general discussion or if you require support, you can elect to speak to the Safer Community Program.

When you submit a Report, an individual from the relevant area (Academic Registrar, Workplace Relations or Safer Community Program) will contact you through the two-way encrypted chat in the Speak Safely Portal within two business days. They will guide you through the process.

Using the log in key you create in Speak Safely, you can access your secure dashboard to view the status of your Report at any time. From your secure dashboard, you can click on your Report to review the timestamped action history, and the two-way encrypted messages between you and the contact person responding to your Report.

All data that is submitted through Speak Safely is encrypted and secured with industry-standard AES-256 cryptography. This means that no-one aside from you and the person you choose to communicate with will be able to view your data at any time. This means that no-one at the University or at Elker is able to access your private information.

You choose who you share your report with. It is only this person who you select to view your report who is then able to view the data that you choose to provide them with.

While strict privacy protocols, University policies and legislation are in place to protect the identity of Reports, you may have a personal preference to take additional measures by making your Report from a personal device or switching off the Cisco VPN on your University device.

Data provided through this portal is stored in Sydney at the Amazon AWS Data Centre. Both AWS and Elker are regularly audited for their data security. All data stored on AWS servers is encrypted and secure.

During the reporting process, you send your contact person only the information you choose to supply. If you do not provide your name or contact details, there is no way to identify you. Elker removes all metadata that your web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, Brave etc.) normally sends to websites to communicate with them. Even though this metadata cannot personally identify you, we ensure that it is properly removed from your report.

Yes, you can choose to stay anonymous and those responding to your Report cannot change your anonymity status for you.

Your identity (or information that could identify you) will only be shared where:

  1. you provide consent; or
  2. the University is permitted, or otherwise required by law.

Please note that while you may have elected to remain anonymous, the University may potentially be able to identify you from information you provide in the free text section of the report.

For technical support, please call the Service Centre on +61 3 8344 0888. Normally, you’ll be asked to provide identifying details when making a support enquiry. However, in this instance, you may wish to refrain. Remember, you have the option to block the number from which you are calling if it would make you feel more comfortable. You can discuss your specific the Speak Safely Portal technical issue with the Service Centre staff without providing your identity.