What is stalking?

Stalking can be described as occurring when a person repeatedly follows, contacts, loiters or interferes with another person or their property, and intends to cause fear, physical or mental harm.

Stalking is a criminal offence.

Stalking can occur using technology (cyberstalking). This can include:

  • sending threatening, abusive, manipulative or harassing messages
  • hacking into email or social media accounts to find information, restrict access or impersonate the owner
  • use of technology to spy on or track a person’s movements, relationships and activities.

For more information about stalking, see the Victims of Crime Victoria website.

For immediate, 24/7 help

On campus, call Campus Security on 03 8344 6666
Off campus, call emergency services (police and ambulance) on 000.

The Safer Community Program

The Safer Community Program is the University's support service for people who have experienced inappropriate, concerning or threatening behaviour, including stalking.

If you choose to make a report to Victoria Police or take out a personal safety order, we can support you to do so. We can also refer you to other specialist support services and help you to deal with any impact on your studies.

Contact the Safer Community Program

Other support services

The following University services can also provide confidential support.

University Security
You can contact University Security at any time by calling 03 8344 6666. In any life-threatening situation, always call Victorian emergency services first via 000.

Counselling and Psychological Services
The University of Melbourne Counselling and Psychological Services (CAPS) provides free, confidential, short-term professional counselling to currently enrolled students and staff.

University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU) Legal Service
The UMSU Legal Service is a specialist community legal centre that provides free and confidential legal advice to all currently enrolled students of the University of Melbourne.

Victorian Police
Victoria Police provides policing services to the Victorian community. In an emergency, always call 000.

University policies and information

Student Conduct Policy
Provides guidance on matters concerning behavioural standards and expectations for students.

Student Charter
Sets out what students are responsible for and what they are entitled to expect.

Appropriate behaviour on social media
Outlines the University's expectations of students and staff when using social media.

Child Safety Policy
Outlines the University’s commitment to child safety and appropriate standards of behaviour towards children. It also guides the development of systems and processes that support the prevention and management of child abuse risks.

Appropriate Workplace Behaviour Policy
Outlines the standards, values and expectations for appropriate behaviour in the workplace.

Respect at the University
Outlines the University's commitment to a safe, inclusive and respectful community.

Student complaints and grievances
Guides you through the student complaints and grievances process.