The Safer Community Program offers specialist support to the University’s transgender and gender diverse (TGD) community. This support extends to information and guidance around gender affirmation at the University, facilitating connections with appropriate services and agencies, and providing TGD resources for students and staff.

Information for trans and gender diverse students and staff

Explore the resources and support networks available to all trans and gender diverse staff and students at the University.

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The Senior Adviser (Gender Affirmation)

The University has appointed a Senior Adviser who can support TGD students and staff to affirm their gender at the University. This support extends to providing information about key UoM processes and services, as well as connecting TGD people with appropriate services and agencies outside the University.

Some of the areas that the Senior Adviser can assist you with include:

  • Gender affirmation at the University
  • Mental health referrals
  • Family/relationship support
  • Family/Intimate partner violence
  • Medical care (including pathways to gender affirming medical care)
  • Experiences of discrimination, transphobia, or other concerning behaviours
  • Any other reason you are feeling unwell and/or unsafe

The Safer Community Program’s Senior Adviser (Gender Affirmation) can be contacted at Safer Community Program on (03) 8344 6666 or by emailing